Qualified persons are welcome, at any time, to apply to volunteer in the following capacities:

  • As an English-in-Action discussion group leader.
    Discussion group leaders and their local English-language conversation partners make a commitment to meet with each other once a week for a number of weeks, for an hourly session each time. The common goal of leaders and their local partners is to improve the partners¡¦ English conversation skills while gaining insights into the respective cultures of all. [Details]
  • As a member of our Language Clinic panel.
    Panel members hold regular or occasional sessions at the ESU(HK) Language Clinic to offer advice, answer questions, or provide input in relation to English Language problems or problems which are manifested through the English language,. Appointments for one-to-one sessions may be booked by the public at large as well as by ESU(HK) members.
  • To give time and executive support in relation to special events and functions.
  • Please also see "Joining the ESU".

If you agree with our objectives and wish to participate, please join us. Our members are from all walks of life, but have the common aim of enjoying friendship and culture through the use of English.