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A. Individual
B. Family
HK$750 (Entitled to 2 membership cards)
C. Full Time Student
HK$0 (FREE - up to and including 24 years old)
D. Corporate
HK$3,000 ~ Universities / Schools HK$1,500
Please send your cheque to: "The English-Speaking Union (HK) LTD", 15/Floor, Jade Centre, 98 Wellington Street, Central, HKSAR


Members may enjoy the following:

  • Meet interesting people from different professions and countries. 
  • Participate in events organized or sponsored by the ESU(HK). 
  • Enjoy a Member's discount for participation in events, activities and meetings, and to access certain ESU(HK) services. 
  • Receive personal notification of ESU(HK) events, activities, meetings and services, according to ESU(HK) current administrative practice. 
  • Benefit from a regular newsletter, which usually includes all or a selection of the following: news, language tips, reports, competitions, and more! 
  • Apply for scholarships and other valuable opportunities made available through the ESU(HK) and through the ESU(HK) in partnership with other ESUs around the world, subject to the eligibility requirements of each individual scholarship and opportunity. 
  • Participate in competitions organized or sponsored by the ESU(HK) or co-organized and co-sponsored by the ESU(HK), subject to the eligibility requirements of each individual competition. 
  • Give back to the community by volunteering for ESU(HK) activities and projects. 
  • Propose lecture topics and speakers. 
  • Propose new ESU(HK) projects. 
  • Act as an ambassador for the ESU(HK) among friends and colleagues, recommending ESU(HK) events, meetings, activities and programmes and/or bringing people along to participate. 
  • Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting. 
  • Enjoy the restaurant and club facilities of the ESU of the Commonwealth Headquarters, Dartmouth House, London, UK. 

If you agree with our objectives and wish to participate, please join us. Our members are from all walks of life, but have the common aim of enjoying friendship and culture through the use of English.